ISSR supports the development and launching of new methods courses in the social sciences.  ISSR does not support course buyouts or summer pay for the development of courses.  ISSR can support the salary of a Faculty Associate (FA) to cover a course for a semester.  This will give regular teaching faculty time to develop and launch a new course.  Hiring an FA requires buy-in from the unit director.

New methods courses supported by ISSR must add to the list of courses already available at ASU that have been approved for either the graduate or undergraduate certificate program.

Methods Courses

The Institute for Social Science Research invites graduate students who are doing social science research to participate in a poster competition.  This competition is open to all graduate students who are doing social science research in any field and on any campus at ASU.

Posters may report on either Proposed Research or Completed Research.  Prizes will be given for the best posters in each of these two categories.  Students who have completed their data collection and are writing up should present the research design and the research results.  Students who are preparing for research should present their research design and their expected results.

Instructions -

 Poster Abstracts must be 300 words or less

  • Deadline for abstract submission August 29, 2022 (11:59pm) - you will be notified of acceptance by Friday, September 2, 2022.
  • Deadline for Poster submission (digital form) is September 19, 2022 (11:59 PM) 
  • Poster Competition - Tuesday, November 8th,  3:00 pm, at the Memorial Union, Tempe Campus, Turquoise Ballroom.  The award ceremony will be held at the event at 4:15pm.  Additionally the poster gallery link will be live on our website for those who cannot attend in person. 


ASU Institute for Social Science Research